As an Independent supplier of Moisture Measurement Equipment, Alba Instrumentation are able to offer a wide range of Hygrometers, Trace Dewpoint Meters, Relative Humidity Analysers, and Moisture in Solids Analysers to every corner of industry.

The Moisture Analyzers and Probes are for measurement in gases and hydrocarbon liquids and are available in explosion proof, intrinsically safe versions. These allow the continuous measurement of the moisture content in a wide range of application without exposing the surroundings to increased risk factors, these applications include: hydrocarbon liquids, (including transformer oil, hydraulic oil), oil and gas industries, compressed air, power generation and pharmaceutical processes.

Our aim to satisfy our customers completely. We strive to achieve this by developing our staff to excel in all areas of our business - from administration, sales and service.

From the first time you make your first contact with us, through your purchasing decision process to the actual order, our sales team will be on hand to answer all your questions. From quotation to delivery you will be supported by both our sales and customer service teams, who will ensure that owning and maintaining a Moisture monitoring system hygrometer is both painless and cost effective.

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GE Aurora
M Series Panametrics Aluminium Oxide Moisture Probe
Panametrics Hygrometer Calibration System
Moisture Image Series 1 Panametrics Moisture Analyzer
Moisture Image Series Panametrics Aluminium Oxide Moisture Probe
Moisture Monitor Series 3 Panametrics Moisture Analyzer
Moisture Monitor Series 35 Panametrics Moisture Analyzer
Optica Series Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
OptiSonde General Eastern Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
PM880 Panametrics Portable Hygrometer

Click the following links for information about Michell products:

DryCheck Self-Contained Dew-Point Instrument
Easidew Portable Hygrometer
Easidew Sampler
Easidew TX I.S. ATEX Certified Dew-Point Transmitter
Easidew Online Dew-Point Hygrometer
Easidew PRO I.S. Intrinsically Safe Dew-Point Transmitter
Easidew Transmitter
Easidew Sampling Systems Ordering Code



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