Alba’s engineers have been provided flare gas flow measurement solutions for more than twelve years, using the well-known Panametrics product line group of Ultrasonic Flaregas flowmeters. This technology is highly regarded as being very well-suited for flare gas applications, due to these flowmeters’ inherent lack of pressure drop, high accuracy with wide turndown, high reliability with low maintenance and fast speed of response. In addition to supplying users with flare gas flowmeter products, Alba provides a variety of services to commission, validate and regulatory compliance.

Alba validates sensor accuracy and performance within regulatory specification. Our program provides documentation of compliance as well as the required regulatory measurements of your meter.

Alba’s service team is fully skilled and trained on the execution and documentation required for regulatory compliance on new or existing ultrasonic flare gas flowmeters.

Alba’s services team is trained and capable of inspecting and certifying existing flare gas flowmeter installations in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

  • We have partners that provide dimensional site survey, physical “as is” measurements and programming calculation verification.
  • Following reinstallation of equipment, regulatory compliance is verified and supported with a final report.

Annual Re-certification

Alba are fully aware that not all Flaregas installation are able to remove transducers’ whilst in service and so have developed an intermediate validation certificate that ensures Environment Agency complicity and will annually certify the operation and functionality of your Flaregas flowmeter system.

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