At Alba Instrumentation Ltd, our in-house support offers a fully integrated support network which includes sales of listed equipment, sample system design, project management of the installation, commissioning and full service repair support.

Providing an outstanding service to our customers is the single most important business objective for Alba Instrumentation Ltd.

Flow and Moisture Surveys

Alba Instrumentations Mobile Services can provide flow surveys for Liquids, Gases and Moisture using state of the art instrumentation, which are recognised as the industry standard. At the end of the survey, we will provide you with a report that shows the measured parameters, the supporting programming parameters, diagnostics details, to allow you to obtain accurate information, which will enable you to answer the questions you have about your processes.

Where applicable you will be provided with a certificate declaring that the instrument is working to the manufacturers technical specifications.

Our field engineers can validate your fixed installation equipment, ensuring that it meets compliance specifications within your on-site operating conditions.

Provision of approved reports, which can help maintain records to the strictest environmental and quality requirements.


We also carry out all routine servicing, repairs, commissioning and troubleshooting for ultrasonic flowmeters and dewpoint hygrometers and their installation. All work is carried out in accordance with our quality system. Calibration certificates are provided with each probe/ system and our computerised system will automatically send out a timely reminder for your next calibration.


We offer a calibration service for all moisture sensors whether it be 6 or 12 monthly and working with our metrology partner we are able to offer UKAS calibration on the following equipment:

  • Deadweight testers from Budenberg, Ametek (floating ball type), Desgranges et Huot, Ruska, Pressurements, SI Pressure Instruments, Barnet, DH Instruments.
  • All makes of pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure gauges, manometers and liquid columns.
  • Druck pressure calibrators, Fluke pressure calibrators, Eurotron pressure calibrators, Ametek pressure calibrators, SI Pressure Instruments pressure calibrators.
  • Process calibrators from Druck, Fluke and Eurotron Instruments.
  • Budenberg and WIKA Pressure Gauges.
  • Pressure Controllers from Ruska, Druck, Mensor, WIKA and DH Instruments.

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