High Pressure Clamp-on Gas Flow for Well Testing
24 April 2013

Alba Instrumentation recently carried out an Installation and data collection exercise during a Well Test in the Netherlands using Ultrasonic Clamp-on Gas Flowmeters.
The meters were fitted to the downside pipes from the Cyclones and Sand Filters (6 in total 3 of each), using heavy wall pipes, as pressures were in the region of 280 Bar(g) @ 78°C, The transducers and setups had to altered several times until the best setup for the measurement was achieved.
The flow data collected was correlated to tie in with the timings of the main well test site data. The site was taken up to 9 MMSM3/D over a period of time and the flow data reported at half hour intervals ( although data was collected at approx 90 second intervals). The Ultrasonic metering was used to ensure that all flows through the Cyclone filters were steady and matched (as much as possible). The design flow of the Cyclones was a maximum of 2.5 MMSM3/D so ensuring that they stayed below this was crucial to the safety of the plant and workers. In total each Cyclone took 2 MMSM3/D and the Sand Filters to 1 MMSM3/D each giving the 9 Million standard cubic meters / day required.
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